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About LOVE

(Ticker Symbol: LOVE) is a cryptocurrency designed for censorship resistance, worldwide adoption and made for the highest possible value appreciation. The value for any cryptocurrency is mainly in relation to the overall utility and size of the network. More users in a network equals a higher coin or token price due to a limited supply of the coin or token in the network. We refer to this in academics as “Metcalfe’s law”. It is therefore of great importance for value appreciation that the cryptocurrency is decentralized, has utility and can scale across borders of networks, communities and languages.

The cryptocurrency with the ticker symbol LOVE, and the name, has the perfect product-market-fit in sending peer-to-peer monetary value when connecting, incentivizing and micro tipping. Together, this creates a model of not only monetary transference, but of “positive energy” and “LOVE.” The name is universal and can be used by anyone, it is not linked to a company, brand or political party. It is multilingual and works in any language in the world. As a cryptocurrency, LOVE has many functions that enhances its utility to grow the network. It provides censorship resistance and it is also a human right to support and love anything without censorship or paying high commission for “LOVE.”Content creators and streamers over the last few years have been forced using centralized platforms like GoFundMe, Patreon, Twitch Bits, and OnlyFans to receive instant monetary gratification only to experience paying high commission or censorship.

The LOVE cryptocurrency is designed with numerous strategic technological advantages as opposed to many other contemporary cryptocurrency and payment gateways. The blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is built on PulseChain, an hard fork built on Ethereum. The code is stress tested and upgraded to proof of stake consensus algorithm providing fast and ultra cheap transactions. LOVE will have 3 second block times and cost less than a penny per transaction. It will be environmentally friendly with 99% less energy consumption.

Network Effect

The market value of a cryptocurrency is based on the amount of users that utilize the monetary instrument and the overall adoption rate of the currency. To scale the network is of great importance. “Blitzscaling,” is a strategy that influential social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and PayPal used to achieve global success. “Blitzscaling” a network is to have something in a name, platform or concept that increases the users in the network “by itself” without the need to educate or acquire new users to join which leads to slowed down adoption. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have experienced this great challenge and prevented mainstream adoption. In the same way new users did not decline a friend request before joining and learning about Facebook, new users will most likely not decline LOVE from a person or platform they know with no need to first be educated about blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

The great success for social networks came first when introducing “Blitzscaling” through friend requests and the network could scale by “itself”. LOVE has the same inherent network increase mechanism in the name “LOVE”. Metcalfe's Law shows that expanding a network increases its token value rapidly since the coin or token has a limited supply. The advantage of being able to blitzscale a network has a profound effect on the future value appreciation of LOVE. When adoption rate increases faster than supply of LOVE, the token price will appreciate.

MT Perelin
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